Play as a White Blood Cell whose home has been invaded by viruses. Your job is to protect the red blood cells by collecting them. Navigate through a variety of challenging levels, collecting all of the red blood cells and avoiding the viruses in hopes to rid your home of The Virus.

Your physics are similar to a marble in that you’ll roll in order to travel. You’ll use your momentum to go up inclines and control your momentum when going down inclines. The controls of the game are easy to learn but the levels are what make it challenging!

There are two ways to die in this game, either by falling off a platform or getting hit by a virus. If you die on a level you will restart that specific level. There are no checkpoints within a level, which provides a fun challenge and more satisfaction when you win!

Each level contains a set number of red blood cells which you will collect. In order to advance to the next level you must collect all of the red blood cells on a given level. Your HUD shows a counter which tells how many blood cells you have left to collect.

Every level is different and the farther you progress the more unique the levels become. While the mechanics stay the same throughout the game, each level provides different trials that you’ll have to learn in order to progress.


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